Sudipta Sengupta

Sudipta Sengupta
A digital media professional with 14 years of experience in setting up digital content platforms . He has been a content strategist for multiple media companies and is trained in digital Fact Checking methods. At THIP he manages reader communication, identifying content opportunities and secondary fact checking.

Masks can cause fungal infection in lungs?

A Facebook user has published a message claiming that usage of masks is causing fungal lung infections in people. We have fact check on the possibility of the same and found that masks can cause fungal infections only if they are unclean or stored in unhygienic conditions. We find the message as Mostly False.

Coronavirus losing potency: WHO didn’t say it but some other scientist did

We received a WhatsApp forward in our helpline about a particular facebook post claiming that World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a circular saying Coronavirus is becoming less potent.

FabiFlu vs Livfavir: The price difference message is fake

A viral message on facebook claims that while FabiFlu, the recently launched medicine by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals for treatment of COVID-19, is priced at Rs. 103 per tablet; Livfavir, manufactured by Livealth Biopharma, is a drug of similar composition and is much cheaper. We investigated and found that message is mostly false.

Using UV rays to kill Coronavirus: Can sunlight be effective?

A social media post claims that UV rays can kill Coronavirus. We Fact Check

Fact Check: Viral Bengali WhatsApp advisory from Dr. Devi Shetty about how to stay protected from Coronavirus

A viral WhatsApp message in Bengali is in circulation that puts across a 22 point advisory about 'what to do over next several months to prevent yourself from Coronavirus'. The message claims that the advisory is from Dr. Devi Shetty. We Fact Check

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