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A digital media professional with 14 years of experience in setting up digital content platforms . He has been a content strategist for multiple media companies and is trained in digital Fact Checking methods. At THIP he manages reader communication, identifying content opportunities and secondary fact checking.

Fact Check: The hottest keyword of the season ‘Immunity Booster’

The pandemic has given rise to a popular keyword called 'immunity booster'. From alternative medicine brands to FMCG companies have started attaching the term to their product. We do a consolidated fact check on all these advertisement and product claims by fact checking the keyword 'immunity booster'. Our investigation reveals that most of these claims are half true.

No one is celebrating World Steam Week. It’s a fake message

There is no news about World Steam Week. Steam doesnt kill Coronavirus. There is a STEAM week organized by Steam University which is an educational event and has nothing to do with COVID-19 pandemic.

ABP newspaper website publishes fake news: salt water not proven COVID19 cure

One of the most circulated Bengali newspaper Anandabazar Patrika published a news on 5th July claiming that researchers of The University of Edinburgh have already discovered that gurgling with salt water can cure you from COVID19. The news report further was supported by a quote from an ENT in Kolkata, Dr. Shantanu Bandopadhyay, who claimed that salt water destroys the outer protein layer of the Novel Coronavirus. We investigated and found the claims to be false.

Fact Check: WHO says Social distancing, Masks no more needed

A series of social media posts have erupted on social media claiming that the World Health Organization has said that Social distancing and masks are not required since Asymptotic corona patients no longer transmit the disease. We investigated and found that all these posts are misinterpreted from a comment made by a WHO official, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, in a press conference in June 8 where she said asymptotic Coronavirus patients do not spread the disease. BUT, on following day, she has clarified her comment saying "it was taken out of context" and emphasized on the need to wear masks. WHO also has not changed their official recommendation related to social distancing norms. Because of that, we term these claims as false.

Masks can cause fungal infection in lungs?

A Facebook user has published a message claiming that usage of masks is causing fungal lung infections in people. We have fact check on the possibility of the same and found that masks can cause fungal infections only if they are unclean or stored in unhygienic conditions. We find the message as Mostly False.

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