Correction Policy of Our Content

NOTE: This is a part of our Editorial Policy. If you wish to read our entire Editorial Policy, Please click here.

While we make all the efforts to keep our content relevant and up to date, we value feedback and encourage readers to send request for corrections.

Because of the nature of the content, any correction request is sought only through email at [email protected] along with supporting research documents, if possible.

In case we receive any complaint regarding the inaccuracy of our content, we immediately put it on hold and determine the facts. Once the facts have been examined, we take a considered decision and appropriately respond to the feedback. Depending on the authenticity and magnitude of the mistake/error, we remove/edit the published information or duly inform the reader in case the original content does not qualify as a mistake and our bases for arriving at such a decision.

However, in most situations, we do not delete a content. We use STRIKE THROUGH to apprise the readers of the changes.

Depending on the critical nature of the correction request, we take 3 to 7 days to correct the mistake, if any. We also put the updated date in the content page whenever we post an update. Post that we appropriately respond to the feedback.

Corrections in typographical errors, misspellings, grammatical errors or minor changes which are not considered significant by editors are not usually noted.

We are committed to abide by  IFCN Code of Principles. If you are not happy with our response after making a correction appeal, You may write to IFCN on this link