The Healthy Indian Project and THIP Media

The Healthy Indian Project (THIP) is built with an ambition to create high quality content, service and technology that helps Indians to learn, measure, access and decide on their healthcare journey. THIP Media, the content platform of the brand, is an healthcare information media that focuses on educating and guiding Indians for better decision making.

The Healthy Indian Project (THIP) is a registered trademark of the company THIP Healthtech Pvt. Ltd., a company formed formed under Company's Act, 2013. The Corporate Identity Number of the company is U85300WB2019PTC231630.

Our mission is to bring the most unbiased, honest, accurate and relevant information related to health for people living in India.

A diverse culture, multiple languages and a low doctor patient ratio creates a hot-bed of health misinformation in semi-urban and rural India.

We focus on providing credible, evidence based health information in multiple Indian languages. We also fact check health misinformation and create content to drive health literacy.

Our Association with International Fact Checking Network (IFCN)

THIP Media is a signatory of International Fact Checking Network (IFCN). We became a signatory to IFCN on June 17, 2021 and have renewed our commitment to the IFCN policies every year since then. THIP Media abides by the core IFCN principles including:

• A commitment to non-partisanship and fairness.
• A commitment to transparency of sources.
• A commitment to transparency of funding and organization.
• A commitment to transparency of methodology.
• A commitment to open and honest corrections.

Our Association with Social Media Platforms

THIP Media is a partner to Facebook, WhatsApp and KOO and help the social media platforms to tackle health based misinformation on their respective platform.

With Facebook, THIP Media is a part of their 3rd Party Fact Checking Platform since June 17, 2021. Under the program, we fact check various health misinformation published by users on Facebook and flag the content. More details about Facebook's 3rd Party Fact Checking Program can be found here .

With WhatsApp, we run a chatbot named RAKSHA using WhatsApp Business API platform. The chatbot acts as a health information verification tip line where users can ask questions or submit an information to be fact checked. More details about RAKSHA chatbot can be found here . More details about WhatsApp's Fact Checking initiatives can be found here.

With KOO we are a part of their resource centre where any user can flag a particular health information which we then fact check. More details are available on Koo's resource centre here.

Our Association with Medical Institutions and Associations

In order to produce evidence based health information, THIP Media works with doctors, researchers and medical professionals across different medicinal practices approved by the Government of India. These certified medical professionals help us in fact checking a particular health misinformation and also verifies the health content published on our platform.

We also partner with medical institutions and medical organizations in order to build specialised health content. Our current list of partner organization list is displayed below.

Amrita Centre for Advanced Research in Ayurveda


Sources of funding for THIP Media

The Healthy Indian project and THIP Media are brand names owned by THIP Healthtech Pvt Ltd., a company a formed under Company's Act, 2013. The company is privately funded by its directors. The company is not a affiliated to any institution, party or organization - political, corporate or otherwise.

On August 2020, THIP Media received a grant funding of USD 31,800 from YouTube (via the Google News Initiative) through Fact Checking Development Fund. THIP Media currently is associated a third-party fact checking partner to Meta (Facebook and WhatsApp). This is the company's primary source of revenue.