Why are diabetics at more risk during Covid-19?

People with Diabetes are NOT at more risk of getting infected with Coronavirus more than others. However, IF infected, diabetics are at a risk of having worse outcome than others. Diabetics are vulnerable once they contract COVID- 19 infection...

I am diabetic. What should I do to take special care during Covid-19?

Diabetics should firstly prevent the development of COVID-19 by taking the usual precautions of washing hands, wearing a mask and practising social distancing. You should follow a proper diet and exercise and take your medications regularly to keep the...

I am a diabetic and I have to go out to work. Is there a special care I have to take during the Covid...

If you are a diabetic and if you have to go to work, you should follow various precautions. Maintain physical distancing, wear a mask, wash hands frequently and avoid touching the face. These are the usual precautions that are...

Why are kidney patients categorized ‘high risk’ during Covid19 pandemic?

Patients with kidney diseases, especially ones who had transplants, are generally put on anti-rejection medicines (also known as immunosuppressive medicines). While these medicines are required to treat the particular renal problems, it makes the immune...

People who require regular dialysis, how should they stay protected during the Covid19 season?

Patients who require regular dialysis need to take special precautions at this time. Keep the following things in mind: Don’t miss dialysis scheduleif possible don’t use public transport to go to dialysis centreWear your mask...

Fact Checking Trending Health News, Claims & Myths

Fact Check: Egg and Banana together is harmful

A social media post claims that consuming Egg and Banana together is harmful. We did a fact check on the same and found out that the claim is false.

Fact-Checking Alzeihmer test: Where is the Camel in the picture?

Despite being written off by Fact checkers multiple times, this test continues to exist in social media, forums and YouTube videos. It is a human face created by placing photos of various animals. The claim is that if one manages to find the image of the camel among all other animals, then he can be assured of not having Alzheimer disease. We mark this as False.

Fact Check: The hottest keyword of the season ‘Immunity Booster’

The pandemic has given rise to a popular keyword called 'immunity booster'. From alternative medicine brands to FMCG companies have started attaching the term to their product. We do a consolidated fact check on all these advertisement and product claims by fact checking the keyword 'immunity booster'. Our investigation reveals that most of these claims are half true.

Japanese Moon Melon: The Blue Watermelon that doesn’t exist

A fake image has been doing rounds on multiple platforms in internet. The image shows photo of a blue water melon and claims that it is Moon Melon - a melon breed that is cultivated in Japan. The image has been shared on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp since 2014 and has been fact checked a number of times. We found out that the message is False.

Indian student Ramu has NOT invented COVID cure with black pepper, ginger, and honey

A Facebook post claims that an Indian student named Ramu who studies at Pondicherry University has found a cure for COVID-19. The post further claims that the cure has been accepted by WHO. We investigated and found that the claim is False.

Garlic and Cancer: What is the relation?

Recent researches have shown Garlic is effective on Cancer cells. But, do not stop your chemotherapy thinking that Garlic will cure Cancer.

Myth Buster

Vitamin D deficiency and Cancer: Are they related?

Over years multiple researches have tried finding the links between Vitamin D deficiency and Cancer.

Are diabetics at higher risk of getting cancer?

Over years the relation between cancer and diabetes has become an area of interest for endocrinologists and oncologists. While a large number of research suggests people with high diabetes are at higher risk of developing cancer, a few others suggest some diabetes.

High blood pressure and high cholesterol do not lead to cancer directly, but…

The relation of cholesterol and cancer has been researched but has never been well established. But, there can be long term risks.

Covid19 - Stay Informed Stay Safe

Is mouthwash proving to be effective against Coronavirus?

While mouthwash may not cure a COVID-19 patient but researchers have found out that they may decrease the viral load in oral cavity and thereby the risk of transmission.

Fact Check: Consuming alcoholic beverage reduces risk of COVID-19

A facebook post has come up again about drinking alcohol can prevent COVID-19. This time many of such posts are claiming that it is as per a research report of Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City.

FabiFlu vs Livfavir: The price difference message is fake

A viral message on facebook claims that while FabiFlu, the recently launched medicine by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals for treatment of COVID-19, is priced at Rs. 103 per tablet; Livfavir, manufactured by Livealth Biopharma, is a drug of similar composition and is much cheaper. We investigated and found that message is mostly false.

Fact Check: Hot Tea and Steam for Coronavirus

Another claim about Coronavirus cure has cropped up on social media. This one is about drinking hot tea, inhaling steam and gurgling with hot water. We fact check.

Using UV rays to kill Coronavirus: Can sunlight be effective?

A social media post claims that UV rays can kill Coronavirus. We Fact Check

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Is obesity curable?

Obesity is a curable disease.  Obesity can be cured by adopting effective weight loss strategies that include lifestyle modification, dietary therapy, and physical activity....

How common is child obesity?

Child obesity is a serious medical problem. It has reached epidemic levels in developed as well as in developing nations. Obese children are above...

What is the difference between overweight and obese?

Overweight and obese are two different classification used to denote the body fat of person (also known as BMI). Body mass index (BMI) is a...

Can obese women conceive normally?

Obesity can make it difficult for you to get pregnant. Being overweight can affect ovulation in females. Fat cells that make estrogen in the...

What are the five common diseases caused due to obesity?

Obesity can result into high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, joint problems including osteoarthritis, sleep apnea and respiratory problems, cancer, metabolic syndrome and psychological...

Does obesity cause male erectile dysfunction?

If you are obese, you have an increased risk of erectile dysfunction (ED). Obesity causes insulin insensitivity in the body which leads to high...

Can obesity lead to male impotency?

An obese male has an increased risk of impotency. An obese person develops insulin insensitivity in the body. As a consequence, his blood glucose levels...

What are the primary causes of obesity?

Primary causes of obesity include unhealthy food choices, lack of physical activity, genetics or other medical conditions. Unhealthy food choices that lead to obesity could...

Diet Tips

Foods that will help you relieve stress

Green Tea Is green Tea effective in reducing stress? Many recent researches have shown that Green tea has a calming effect on your body. Given that it is the...

Vitamin D deficiency? Here is a easy to manage daily diet

Vitamin D is hard to get through diet. If you are not careful, you will end up missing the requisite amount your body needs. Our body makes...

Is Vitamin C good for diabetic patient?

Vitamin C has positive effects on blood sugar level, as shown in multiple researches. Vitamin C may make up for low blood levels of insulin, which normally works...

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Women's Health

How much can I walk during gestational diabetes?

If you have gestational diabetes, walking 2 or 3 times a day, everytime for 30 minutes will be beneficial to your health. Walking can...

How can I reduce the chance of gestational diabetes?

You develop gestational diabetes when your body becomes more resistant to insulin. If you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, it means your body isn’t...

When and why should I get tested for gestational diabetes?

You should be screened for gestational diabetes during your pregnancy. Your doctor will recommend an oral glucose tolerance test to screen gestational diabetes. This...

Can I exercise with gestational diabetes?

Yes you can exercise if you are pregnant and is diagonised with gestational diabetes. In fact, exercising under adequate supervision is both safe as...

Can I breastfeed my baby if I had gestational diabetes?

Yes, you can breastfeed your baby even if you had gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Breastmilk is good for the baby. If you breastfeed the...


Is Vitamin C good for diabetic patient?

Vitamin C has positive effects on blood sugar level, as shown in multiple researches. Vitamin C may make up for low blood levels of insulin,...

How often should diabetics go to the dentist?

If you have diabetes, it is important for you to see your dentist regularly. This is because you are at a greater risk of...

Does diabetes make your teeth fall out?

Diabetes can take a toll on your entire body including your oral health. Diabetes is linked to tooth loss mainly because people with diabetes...

Does diabetes cause peridontal disease?

If you have diabetes, you are at a higher risk of developing periodontal diseases. Periodontal diseases are the infections in the gum and bone...

Can a dentist tell if you have diabetes?

Your dentist can surely spot symptoms of diabetes but a conclusion can only be drawn after a proper blood diagnostic. One sign of diabetes...

How is Type 2 diabetes diagnosed and what are the symptoms?

Type 2 diabetes is usually diagnosed using the Glycated hemoglobin (A1C) test. The A1C test is a blood test that indicates your average blood...




Can stress cause a loss in weight?

Chronic stress can cause a change in your weight. It can lead to both increase or decrease in weight. People react to stress differently...

What are the risks of gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes can increase the odds of pregnancy complications. If you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, your high blood sugar levels can affect your...

Can stress be cured through changing food habits?

Your diet plays an important role in making your stress levels go up or down. Food can help tame stress in many ways. Some...

Can type 2 diabetes be prevented?

Type 2 diabetes can be prevented by making healthy lifestyle choices, and that is true even if diabetes runs in your family. If you...

Will I develop type 2 diabetes if I had gestational diabetes?

There is no certainty that you will get type 2 diabetes if you had gestational diabetes. However, women diagnosed with gestational diabetes have an increased...

Does obesity cause male erectile dysfunction?

If you are obese, you have an increased risk of erectile dysfunction (ED). Obesity causes insulin insensitivity in the body which leads to high...


How to wake up early in the morning?

Waking up early helps you to maintain a healthy body and mind.

How to avoid a medical emergency?

Stay Alert. Prepare for any medical emergency.

How NOT to be a digital addict?

Create a schedule. Reduce your screen time a bit.

What to do soon after you wake up?

What you do after you wake up defines how your day will go
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