Create your Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA Health ID)

How to Create ABHA ID And ABHA Address

The Ayushman Bharat Health ID, also known as ABHA Health ID is a unique 14-digit number that is assigned to an Indian citizen when they register on the system. The ABHA ID is also supported by an ABHA Address linked to it. While the ID (14-digit number) is system generated, the address (xxxx@abdm) can be chosen by an individual. The system has been designed to facilitate storing of digital versions of citizens’ health records and interoperability between the person and healthcare providers.

What is Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA Health ID)?

The aim of ABHA Health ID is to be a single identifier that links an individual’s health records and medical history across various healthcare providers and facilities. By creating a unified health ID, the government aims to improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery. They also aim to reduce duplication of efforts and enable better access to health services.

The primary objectives of ABHA Health ID include:

  1. Creating a centralized health information repository for each individual.
  2. Facilitating interoperability among healthcare providers to enable the seamless sharing of health records.
  3. Improving the quality and accessibility of healthcare services.
  4. Reducing medical errors and improving patient safety.

What are the benefits of ABHA Health ID?

Unified Health Records

The ABHA Health ID would create a centralized repository of an individual’s health records, including medical history, diagnoses, treatments, prescriptions, and other relevant health information. This would help healthcare providers access comprehensive and up-to-date information about patients, leading to more informed and personalized care.

Improved Healthcare Access

The Health ID aims to facilitate interoperability among different healthcare providers, clinics, and hospitals. This can lead to better coordination and continuity of care, particularly for individuals who seek medical services from multiple providers.

Reduced Duplication of Medical Tests and Procedures

A unified health record accessible to authorized healthcare providers can minimise unnecessary duplication of medical tests and procedures. This would not only save time and resources but also reduce the potential risks associated with repeated tests.

Enhanced Patient Safety and Quality of Care

Having access to complete health information allows healthcare professionals to make more accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment decisions. This can result in improved patient safety and the overall quality of healthcare services.

Efficient and Transparent Healthcare Delivery

The ABHA Health ID aims to streamline healthcare service delivery by leveraging digital technology. This can lead to reduced paperwork, quicker access to health information, and improved transparency in the healthcare system.

Telemedicine and Remote Healthcare

The digital health ecosystem created through ABHA Health ID could enable the expansion of telemedicine and remote healthcare services. Patients in remote or underserved areas may have better access to medical advice and consultations through digital platforms.

Public Health Initiatives and Research

Aggregated and anonymised health data from the ABHA Health ID system can be useful in public health initiatives, epidemiological studies, and healthcare research, leading to insights for improving health policies and interventions.

Preventive Healthcare

By having a comprehensive health record, healthcare providers can better track an individual’s health status over time, enabling them to provide personalized preventive care and wellness programs.

What is the difference between the ABHA number and ABHA address?

ABHA number is a 14-digit unique number that is given to any person when they register in the ABDM ecosystem. This number is your identity number. It is randomly generated and assigned to you when you register. You can have only one ABHA number for yourself.

ABHA address is a unique username you create for yourself. ABHA address looks like XXXXX@abdm where XXXX is the username you choose. You can create multiple ABHA addresses for yourself. You can create an ABHA address even if you do not have an ABHA number. However, you should create an ABHA number first and use that ABHA number to create an ABHA address. That way, your ABHA number and ABHA Address will be linked to each other from the start.

You can think of the ABHA number as your bank account number and ABHA Address as the UPI number associated with it. All your health documents will be in a Health Locker mobile application mapped to your ABHA number.

When you visit a healthcare provider (hospitals, doctors, diagnostic labs etc.), you will have to share your ABHA address and give consent to the healthcare provider to access your documents or send new documents with you. Your healthcare providers will share your health records (prescriptions, bills, lab reports etc.) with you using the ABHA Address.

How to create your Ayushman Bharat Health Account Number (ABHA Number)?

Visit the ABDM website

This is the official Indian Government’s website to create an ABHA number. You can click here to visit the website. You will reach a webpage that looks like below. Click on the button that reads “Create ABHA Number”

ABDM website homepage

Choose between the two options

You can create your ABHA number either using your AADHAAR number or your Driving License number. You must have any of the two documents to be able to create your ABHA number. As of now, there is no third option, and you will not be able to create an ABHA number if you do not have either the AADHAAR number or your Driving License number.

Create ABHA number page 1

Creating ABHA number: Driving License vs AADHAAR Card – which one should I choose?

The process of creating an ABHA number differs a little depending on what you choose – AADHAAR number or Driving License.

If you choose to create your ABHA number using the AADHAAR number, it is necessary that you have your mobile number updated with AADHAAR. You will not be able to create your ABHA number using AADHAAR if the mobile number is not linked to AADHAAR. In that case, you will have to first link your mobile number with AADHAAR. You can click here to know how to link your mobile number with AADHAAR.

Alternatively, you can choose to create your ABHA number using your driving license. However, in the case of a Driving License, you will only get an enrolment number (and not your actual ABHA number). You will have to take your Driving License and your enrolment number to the nearest ABHA facility centre. Your ID will be verified at the centre and only then an ABHA number will be allocated to you.

Proceed to generate your ABHA Number

Depending on which option you choose between your AADHAAR number and Driving License Number – the system will take you through 4 to 5 steps to create your ABHA Number [ or enrolment number in case you are using Driving License]

Create ABHA number page 2

How to create your Ayushman Bharat Health Address (ABHA Address)?

Once you have created your ABHA number, you can proceed to create your ABHA address. Technically, you can create your ABHA address even without creating your ABHA number. But for simplicity and for taking maximum benefit of the ABHA ecosystem, we strongly recommend you create the ABHA number first.

Click on Create ABHA Address

Visit the PHR section of the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) website and click on Create ABHA Address link. You can also click here to access the page. There are 3 ways of creating an ABHA address – using your mobile number, using your email ID and using your ABHA number. Choose the option that suits you best.

ABHA Register page

Which option should I choose to register ABHA Address – Mobile Number, ABHA Number or Email ID?

You can choose any of the options to create your ABHA Address. However, we strongly suggest you choose the ABHA Number option to take maximum benefit of the ecosystem. If you are choosing Mobile Number or Email ID, you may require to link your ABHA Address and ABHA Number later.

Fill out basic profile details

If you are choosing to create ABHA Address using a mobile number or email address, you will have to verify the same via OTP. After that, you will be guided to a basic profile form where you will need to fill up your profile details.

ABHA form page

Choose your ABHA Address

In the next step, you will have to choose your ABHA Address. This process is similar to creating an email ID. You can enter any address of your choice. If the Address is not already taken, then it will be allocated to you. If it is already taken, then you will be required to choose a different one.

Your ABHA Number and ABHA address will be created after this. Your ABHA Digital Card will have your Number and Address mentioned along with a QR Code. You can further set up a Health Locker using these credentials. A health locker app will help you store all your health records digitally and also share them with your healthcare providers.

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