More cases of fractures, without fall, being reported in Lucknow

Last Updated on February 7, 2023 by Anshima Gupta

Lucknow, Feb 7 (IANS) Orthopaedic doctors in Lucknow are getting cases of fractures without any history of fall or accident.

According to Dr Sandeep Kapoor, a renowned orthopaedist, “These are happening due to weak bones, particularly weight bearing ones like pelvic joint or knees.”

He said, “Recently, there was this case of a woman who felt she could not walk after getting up in the morning. In this case, the body weight had led to excessive pressure upon bones that went gradually weak due to osteoporosis and broke at one point. This woman did not have any history of any fall or injury and this is what she insisted upon despite a clear fracture in the x-ray.”

He said pain without injury in the body is a warning sign.

Dr Sandeep Garg, another orthopaedist, said, “Women are very careful about the health of their kids and spouse but ignore their own health and often eat leftover food. This is not good and leads to several health issues.”

The doctors said that one must choose between morning or evening for a regular exercise routine and ensure that they take adequate nutrition according to age and bone health.

Doctors have also advised people to maintain a daily exercise routine for a minimum 40 minutes.

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