Holistic healing guru Amar Chandel to lead wellness conference in Dubai on Sep 17-18

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Dubai, Sep 16 (IANS) Amar Chandel, an Indian holistic healing guru who has been practising integral yoga, naturopathy and holistic healing for more than 30 years, will be the key speaker at the ‘Cure Yourself Naturally’ global conference here on September 17-18 to bring home the benefits of the genre to the residents of the UAE.

“I have been holding courses in the US, Canada and Europe for many decades. This is my first course in Dubai and I am very excited to be coming here. What is particularly gratifying is the fact that the event is being organised by Mr K.P.R. Nair, who published my book ‘Perfect Health In Twenty Weeks’, which turned out to be a runaway best-seller. (Incidentally, he has himself done the Holistic course and benefited from it). That’s why he is taking pains to introduce it to Dubai,” Chandel said in a recent interview with Gulf News.

“If I am able to convince my brothers and sisters in Dubai that the key to their health is in their own hands, my trip will be worthwhile. The awareness about my course spreads mainly through word of mouth. My endeavour is to heal as many people as possible, so that a chain reaction starts which ensures wellness for all. Our diseases today are big, but their root causes are so very small that we completely overlook them. Once we stop pouring oil over fire which we have been doing innocently, veritable miracles take place,” he added.

The event has been organised by Kyra Global, launched earlier this year by K.P.R. Nair, founder of the New Delhi-based Konark Publishers, with the vision of working with thought leaders, academicians, creative writers, educationists and business leaders for enabling the creation of top-quality content.

“By hosting conferences and seminars, we provide a platform for the exchange of ideas on a global scale with a special focus on the countries of the Middle East,” Nair said.



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