Doctor flags concern over homeopathic syrup containing alcohol like whiskey, cockroaches

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New Delhi, March 15 (IANS) Hepatologist Cyriac Abby Philips has raised concern over some homeopathic medicines containing the same amount of alcohol that a whiskey contains.

In a series of tweets, Dr Philips posted, “Ok, so Homeopaths prescribe this cough syrup very frequently for kids and adults alike, made by SBL”.

“A Chivas Regal 12 year old blended whiskey containing 40% alcohol costs 3300 Indian rupees for 1000ml. That is 330 rupees for 100ml, expensive. It’s available only in authorised licensed shops, airports and government run outlets”, he added.

Philips added further, “This Homeopathy ‘MEDICINE’ called Sativol, prescribed by Homeopaths very frequently for treating “tiredness and fatigue”, also contains 40% alcohol. It is 65 rupees for 100ml after discount and can be ordered from your home through online pharmacies! This alcohol is same quality, cheaper and comes to your home directly”.

“Any kid or student can do this. This has major health implications among our youth. What will it take to ban these ‘alcohol masquerading as medicines.?’ Who will take this step? This is really worrying”, he warned in his post.

Philips also claimed that homeopathy is “just rival business against the real alcohol lobby” and Homeopaths are “glorified bar tenders”.

“Not just that! See the third picture. We just ordered APPROX 1000ml of 70-80% alcohol marketed as Homeopathy tincture, which was DELIVERED INSIDE THE HOSPITAL! It’s pure alcohol and nothing else. And cheap and can be ordered in bulk by anyone, anywhere. Homeopathy is just alcohol everything everywhere all at once”, he said, adding that “This is crazy”.

“By the way, we have ALREADY analysed potentised Homeopathy formulations and found that they DO CONTAIN purely and only ALCOHOL – some going up to 90%. Mother tinctures also contain herbal components and sometimes, insects, cockroaches etc”, Philips concluded his post.

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