Chinese families hit by adverse vaccine reactions call for govt probe

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New Delhi, Feb 11 (IANS) Dozens of families who have reported major health problems and deaths in China after getting vaccinated for various illnesses in recent years are calling on the Chinese government to investigate the matter, according to a media report.

An open letter titled “Suggestions on improving protection from vaccine-induced harm nationwide” called on the National Health Commission to investigate all cases of major health problems occurring after vaccination, and to call in independent and scientific investigators to probe their claims, RFA reported.

The letter also called for the government to pay the medical expenses of those left sick or disabled by vaccines, and offer them appropriate levels of care.

The letter came after a court in Beijing refused to accept a lawsuit filed by victims of vaccine-related health issues against the government at the highest level.

“We went to the No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court hoping to file a case, but the court refused to accept our lawsuit when it heard that we were going to sue the State Council,” campaigner Tan Hua told Radio Free Asia.

“Then we got a call from the police, warning us on the one hand, trying to maintain stability, and saying they wanted us to lodge our complaint back home,” she said.

Tan said she and some 20 other campaigners had tried to file the lawsuit as a last resort after being prevented repeatedly from petitioning through official channels.

She said they may try to find more affected families to join the lawsuit.

“Judging from the current number of parents and patients [we know of], we estimate that there may be one or two hundred people. We have doubts as to whether these one or two hundred people will be allowed to gather in Beijing to jointly file a lawsuit with the court,” Tan said.

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