Uncovering eye diseases through an app

Recently, an 11-year-old girl has developed such an app that can tell about eye diseases by just scanning the pupils. Read the story of Leena Rafeeq in this chapter of Changemakers.

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Leena Rafeeq, originally from Kerala and currently residing in the UAE has remarkable created an app using artificial intelligence at the age of 11. This innovative app, called ‘Ogler EyeScan’, aims to simplify the detection of eye-related issues. Leena embarked on this project at the age of 10 and specifically designed the app to be compatible with the iPhone’s scanning capabilities. Notably, ‘Ogler EyeScan’ has the ability to identify various eye disorders, including arcus senilis, melanoma, pterygium and cataract.

Leena Rafeeq

In a video shared on social media, Leena explained the functioning of the app in detail. She mentioned that the app operates based on various parameters, including the brightness of the light, the distance between the eyes and the scanner, and the colour intensity. To initiate the scanning process, the user needs to position their eyes within the frame provided by the app. The scanning itself employs advanced computer vision and machine learning techniques. Once the scanning is complete, any eye-related issues can be easily identified, and the results can be viewed in the video. Leena developed the app using SwiftUI, and the entire preparation process took approximately six months.

Available only in iPhone

Leena said, “While creating the app, I studied various forms of eye problems, computer vision, algorithm, machine-learning model and sensor data, AR, Create ML, CoreML and Apple iPhone in detail. ‘Ogler EyeScan’ is currently available only in iPhone-10 and the advanced version of iOS 16+. The app is presently undergoing review in the Play Store, and I have high hopes that it will be approved and listed soon.”

Leena further mentioned that the app currently operates with a 70 percent accuracy rate. However, there is an issue with the light currently, causing difficulty for users in keeping their eyes open during the scanning process. Once ‘Ogler EyeScan’ receives approval from the app store, an update will be released to address this concern. In the meantime, users can consult doctors based on the eye problems detected by the app. 

Research insights shaped the concept

Leena shared that she embarked on her coding journey at the tender age of five and had already developed her own website by the time she turned six. She even taught lessons to her younger sister, Hana, who is also a coder. Leena consistently dedicates her time to studying HTML, C, C++, SwiftUI and Python to enhance her programming skills.

“I wanted to make something that could help parents identify if their children were struggling any form of addiction,” Leena explained. “This led me to conceive the idea of developing an app that could detect signs of addiction by examining the eyes. I realised that numerous parents and guardians worry about their children falling into drug addiction during adolescence. However, during my research on this matter, I became fascinated with eye-related problems, which eventually led to the creation of ‘Ogler EyeScan’,” she said.

Leena’s father, Rafeeq Kalange, is an IT professional, and her mother works as a developer at a software company. They are a family of four. According to Leena, “I have not limited my learning to books only. I believe in the method of ‘how to learn’ instead of ‘what to learn’. Instead of just restricting myself to classroom studies, I also work on overall development of knowledge and skills. I am currently focusing on improving the accuracy of ‘Ogler Eyescan’, and for that, learning other computer languages is key.”

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