Revolutionising accessibility: Naidhroven A’s trailblazing special scooter

अगर इंसान के अंदर कुछ कर गुजरने की इच्छा हो, तो कोई भी बाधा उसे नहीं रोक सकती. कुछ ऐसी ही कहानी है, इस चेंजमेकर की जिसने अपनी मेहनत की बदौलत अपनी दिव्यांगता को मात दी...

The challenges of physical disability can be beaten if one has a strong determination. Naidhroven, the hero of our story today, is one such individual who turned his physical disadvantage into a way to achieve an identity and success in life.

A resident of Chennai, 25-year-old Naidhroven has been a patient of muscular dystrophy since birth. He has faced hardships in leading a normal life because of the disease. His family members decided and prepared themselves to support Naidhroven for life. The man had thought once that his physical disability would remain a curse for life, and he would have to depend on others even for his everyday work.

The dream of becoming an automobile engineer

Naidhroven’s father is an automobile engineer and he also wanted to become one but decided to study commerce instead because of his physical disability because he thought it would be difficult for him to be on his feet in the science lab for hours. “I had a feeling that after turning 30, I would become wheelchair bound since my condition started becoming worse but I did not want to remain dependent on others.”

Naidhroven’s physical condition got worse while he was doing MBA. He had a hip dislocation and his ankle was seriously affected, which made it very difficult for him to even make movement like before. He had the option of undergoing a surgery but Naidhroven knew that his condition will not be completely cured even after a surgery.

Battling rejections

Naidhroven got rejected employment by a number of companies because of his physical challenges but he never lost hope. “After going through all this, I realised that I need to do something that would reduce people’s dependence on others.”

Naidhroven had worked as a freelancer for some companies for a few years. According to him, he wanted to enroll himself in the German Accelerator programme but could not do it due to some reason. Some of his proposals also got rejected but he remained determined and decided to start his own mission.

Receiving cooperation in the form of funding

Naidhroven’s efforts received a big boost when he got funding from the Tamil Nadu government’s Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme scheme. In 2016, he started his company under the name of Nappinnai for which he had been working since 2014. It was formed to help those people who either lost mobility due to accidents or other reasons or are specially challenged.

Naidhroven A

“It is often said about physically challenged people that they should do a secure job but I beg to differ. So, I decided to do what I want and no physical disability could stop me from achieving my goal,” Naidhroven said.

A special scooter made by the man starts at the price of Rs 18,999 and it is completely eco-friendly. It can easily carry weight up to 200 kilograms. It takes only three to four hours for the vehicle to get completely recharged.

Today, Naidhroven has become an inspiration for many people with physical disabilities with his dedication and hard work. Details of his scooter can be found on the website of his company Nappinnai, and you could also take a test drive from there. You can also visit his Facebook profile and the Instagram pages to know about him and his work.

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