Copper-infused pure water by AqCure: An innovative solution

Learn about an IIT Delhi startup in this Changemakers chapter that uses copper properties to enhance water quality.

Studies show that drinking water stored in copper utensils is beneficial for health due to its antibacterial properties. Cleanliness has become an important aspect of our lives since Covid-19 pandemic, and the practice persists. Clean drinking water is an essential part of this. Previously, people would store water in copper utensils and consume it in the morning. However, it’s now challenging to locate or transport copper vessels on-the-go. An IIT Delhi startup has devised a solution to this called ‘AqCure‘ – antimicrobial water storage containers – to tackle this issue.

Nanosafe Solutions utilised nanotechnology to create copper-based containers for AqCure. These containers have antimicrobial properties and keep stored water pure and clean.

The Science Behind AqCure’s Copper Infusion

Anusuya Roy

AqCure employs a patented technique using a polymer matrix to release active nano-copper. The result is antimicrobial properties for both the interior and exterior surfaces of the container. This process reduces the transmission of microbes and disinfects the water, making it safe and clean for consumption. An additive, masterbatch, regulates the copper content in AqCure bottles.

Dr Anasuya Ray, founder of Nanosafe Solutions Private Limited and an IIT Delhi alumnus, explains that AqCure water containers have over 99.99% antimicrobial activity, certified by ISO and ASTM standards. The containers are made of high-quality food polymers and are BAP/BPS-free, making them suitable for home and office use.

Sponsored by the Government of India

AqCure water-storage containers come in different sizes, ranging from 700 ml for office use to 10-20 litre bubble top cans. These user-friendly containers, with a 1-liter capacity, are ideal for home refrigerators.

According to Dr. Mangala Joshi, Professor, Textile and fiber engineering, IIT Delhi, providing safe drinking water remains a challenge, particularly for the impoverished in villages and cities. Water can spread dangerous viruses and cause pandemics, such as Covid-19. AqCure is expected to provide safe drinking water and boost people’s immunity.

Nanosafe Solutions’ AqCure was awarded the Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) by BIRAC, Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. AqCure containers are available for purchase online, ranging from Rs 170 to Rs 460. You can also find more information on the products by visiting Nanosafe Solutions’ Facebook page.

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