Alleged TATA Health WhatsApp advisory about Covid-19 home treatment is fake and dangerous

Quick Take

A WhatsApp message in circulation carries the link of TATA Health and carries a series of advisory for COVID-19. The message talks about three stages of COVID-19 and suggests various self medication treatments. We investigated and found the message is false.

The Claim

We have received the WhatsApp message on our helpline. The user who sent it wanted to know if the advisory was indeed from TATA Health and if the message is true. A snapshot of the message is given below:

Fact Check

Has TATA Health issued the message?

We have reached out to TATA Health. A representative of the company has confirmed that the message was not issued by them. While the link in the message leads to the authentic TATA Health website where one can consult doctors online, the particular message associated with it was not issued by the company.

Are the treatment methods in different stages of COVID-19 mentioned in the message correct?

No. The message is fake and dangerous. It recommends false measures like gurgle, drinking warm water, vitamin B and C as treatments.

THIP Media has earlier debunked similar false claims here and here.

Vitamins are proven methods to build immunity and we have advised people to add them to their diet but there is no proof about the fact that vitamins can cure Covid-19.

Should I keep antibiotics at home as advised in the message? Will that help in homely treatment?

Antibiotics are effective against bacterial infections. Antibiotics are not effective against any viral infection including COVID-19.

Also, antibiotics are not for homely treatments. Neither should they be consumed without being prescribed by a doctor. Self medication with antibiotics can lead to the development of microbial resistance, cross-resistance, and failure of treatments in future.

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