Fact Check: Did WHO release a list of 10 killer foods?

Quick Take

A Facebook post claims that WHO has released a list of 10 killer foods. The post further claims that 8 out of those 10 foods are from the Philippines. We Fact Check and find that the claim is False.

The Claim

The image shared on Facebook bears the logo of World Health Organization (WHO) and reads, “Top 10 killer foods – 8 found in the Philippines.” The post then lists a few food items as below, “french fries / burger / ice cream / iced tea / chippy-red / doughnut /pancit canton / sweetened pork.”

An archived version of the post can be seen here and a snapshot is given below.

Fact Check

Did WHO release a list of 10 killer foods? Are 8 of them from the Philippines?

No. World Health Organization (WHO) did not release any such list. In fact, in 2016, WHO had clarified this in their official Twitter handle. The tweet is embedded below.

Are the list of foods mentioned in the list healthy?

We talked to dietitian Kajal Gupta about the foods mentioned in the list. She mentions, “The foods mentioned in the list are generally considered to be unhealthy. Most of them are high on fat and sugar. Uncontrolled consumption of such foods can lead to health problems like obesity.”

So, in general, the list of foods in the viral post consists of unhealthy. But WHO did not release the list. Also, there is no evidence that these are the most unhealthy foods in the world or can be termed as ‘killer foods’.

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