Approach of Siddha to reach out to the masses

Prof Dr R Meenakumari
Prof Dr R Meenakumari
The author is the Director of Central Council for Research in Siddha, New Delhi.

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Each of us had our share of struggle in this situation including the scientists and healthcare professionals. Approximately 70 lakh people lost their lives during this. When the world came to a halt with the pathogen attack, several traditional medicine systems like Siddha around the globe came forward to deal with this crisis. Yet, South East Asia relatively provided speedy and complete recovery with fewer complications in COVID cases. This is mainly because of our culture and traditional practices.

Siddha against COVID-19

Based on Siddha’s classification, COVID-19 is comparable with ‘Kaba Suram’, one of the 64 types of fever. As per Sage Theriyar’s sayings, the vitiated kabam turns this dreadful disease into a deadlier one. Proper treatment protocol was followed to bring down the harmful symptoms by reducing the riveting kabam humour due to infection. ‘Kabasura Kudineer‘ is the primary medicine, which Siddha practitioners used during COVID times. In response to the second surge of COVID-19 in our country, the Ministry of AYUSH launched a massive nationwide campaign to distribute a medicine called Kabasura Kudineer in the high-risk zone and among the general population. This medicine helped many patients in dealing with COVID-19. Also, the practitioners administered Kabasura Kudineer as prophylaxis to prevent infections.


Clinical trials and research

The Tamil Nadu state government established more than 40 Siddha COVID care centres in the state. A research team from the National Institute of Siddha conducted a clinical trial in collaboration with the medical team of Government Chengalpattu Medical College and SRM Medical College. This trial was to evaluate the prospects of add-on therapy of Siddha drugs with the standard of care for the management of COVID-19. Along with internal medicines, the practitioners also emphasised lifestyle modification. They conducted yoga sessions along with mudra and pranayama practices to facilitate recovery. The practitioners framed their diet schedule on the basis of the Siddha principles. This contributed to a speedy recovery in the cases of COVID. They documented and published the Siddha therapies and medicines used in the management of COVID-19 in peer-reviewed, indexed journals. More than 37 articles in various aspects like in-silico, in-vitro, preclinical, and clinical studies were published during the pandemic period about Siddha in COVID. In the traditional system, doctors went door-to-door to distribute Kabasura Kudineer, and it was like a pulse COVID program. 


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