People who require regular dialysis, how should they stay protected during the Covid19 season?

Patients who require regular dialysis need to take special precautions at this time. Keep the following things in mind:

  1. Don’t miss dialysis schedule
  2. if possible don’t use public transport to go to dialysis centre
  3. Wear your mask all times outside home including during dialysis
  4. Have your food before you leave home and after you clean yourself properly on reaching home. This way, you will not be required to take off your mask or risk any hand-face contact.

Any patients will kidney ailment is already been declared high risk to Covid19. It is necessary to understand that your pre-existing renal conditions have decreased your immunity and you are highly succeptible to get infected with the new coronavirus.

Also, if infected, your existing conditions may make it very difficult for doctors to treat you. So, it is necessary for you to stay in complete home isolation at the moment.

Avoid touching any object that came from outside (groceries, raw vegetables, courier packets etc.) and Wash your hands frequently.

You may require periodic COVID 19 tests as per local hospital protocols to which you should strictly adhere to. And if you feel slightest of the symptoms of Covid19, contact your doctor immediately.

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