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Fact Check: The hottest keyword of the season ‘Immunity Booster’

The pandemic has given rise to a popular keyword called 'immunity booster'. From alternative medicine brands to FMCG companies have started attaching the term to their product. We do a consolidated fact check on all these advertisement and product claims by fact checking the keyword 'immunity booster'. Our investigation reveals that most of these claims are half true.

Japanese Moon Melon: The Blue Watermelon that doesn’t exist

A fake image has been doing rounds on multiple platforms in internet. The image shows photo of a blue water melon and claims that it is Moon Melon - a melon breed that is cultivated in Japan. The image has been shared on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp since 2014 and has been fact checked a number of times. We found out that the message is False.

Indian student Ramu has NOT invented COVID cure with black pepper, ginger, and honey

A Facebook post claims that an Indian student named Ramu who studies at Pondicherry University has found a cure for COVID-19. The post further claims that the cure has been accepted by WHO. We investigated and found that the claim is False.

Fact Check: COVID means ‘Certificate Of Identification Of Vaccination With Artificial Intelligence’?

A Twitter post has claimed that the full form of COVID is ‘Certificate Of Identification Of Vaccination With Artificial Intelligence’. This is a False claim. Know how viruses are named by WHO

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