Kajal Gupta, (Dietitian & Nutritionist)

A practicing dietitian and nutritionist with 11 years of work experience. Kajal is certified by American Dietetic Association and Indian Board of Alternate Medicine.

The post about Coronavirus transmitted through fruits and vegetables ‘may be’ fake; but you still need to be careful

Can coronavirus spread through vegetables and fruit skin? We fact check and tell you why we think you should be careful

Vitamin C, Garlic, Bitter Gourd: Fact Checkers claim they can’t save you from CoronaVirus; We say, you should still add them to your diet...

Multiple social media posts and whatsapp messages have been floated around about various foods that can prevent or cure CoronaVirus.Various websites have written them...

Cabbage and Coronavirus: Did WHO give a guideline?

Quick Take A post doing rounds on social media about World Health Organization (WHO) issuing an advisory against consumption of cabbage in the wake of...

Is Vitamin C good for diabetic patient?

Vitamin C has positive effects on blood sugar level, as shown in multiple researches. Vitamin C may make up for low blood levels of insulin,...

I am a Vegan. How can I fulfill my requirement for Vitamin D?

If you are a vegan and you do not consume non-vegetarian foods and milk products, you can still get your requisite amount of Vitamin...

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