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How is Vitamin D and Calcium related in our body?


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Vitamin D is the ingredient that plays a crucial role in Calcium absorption in the body. Calcium helps in building and maintaining the strength of bones. Deficiency of Vitamin D results into weaker bones since the calcium absorption is affected.

Even if the body is getting enough calcium, it could be going to waste if you have Vitamin D deficiency.

Without the presence of Vitamin D, the body cannot absorb calcium properly. Vitamin D enables the formation of Calcitriol, a hormone that regulates the calcium levels in the body and bone growth. Calcitriol decreases the rate at which calcium is excreted in urine which helps in raising the levels of calcium in the body.

As per the National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements, an inadequate intake of Vitamin D may also lead to a calcium deficiency. But, in case of excessive Vitamin D intake, there may be calcium overload. Building up of excess calcium in tissues and vascular system may lead to heart and kidney damage.