How early in my pregnancy can gestational diabetes occur?

Gestational diabetes usually occurs during 24th to 28th week of pregnancy when the placenta is producing more hormones. These hormones interfere with the insulin of the pregnant woman. It generally goes away after the baby is born.

Women at high risk of gestational diabetes are screened during the first trimester. The diagnosis of gestational diabetes is done through a blood test where the blood sugar levels of the pregnant woman are tested.

You can avoid the complications of gestational diabetes during pregnancy by keeping your blood sugar under control. Gestational diabetes can be controlled by avoiding high sugar foods, eating reasonable proportions of high-carbohydrate foods and monitoring sugar levels on a daily basis.

Do not be afraid. Most pregnant women with well-controlled blood sugar deliver healthy babies and do not face any complications. Focus on healthy lifestyle, monitor your health parameters regularly and consult your doctor.

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