Artificial sweeteners cause Cancer: True or False?

Artificial sweeteners, also called sugar substitutes, are substances that are used instead of sucrose (table sugar) to sweeten foods and beverages. Artificial sweeteners and other sugar substitutes are found in a variety of food and beverages marketed as “sugar-free” or “diet,” including soft drinks and baked goods.  

The debate of artificial sweeteners causing higher risk of cancer started when a study found an increased risk of bladder cancer in mice fed extremely high amounts of saccharin and cyclamate.

However, since then, more than 30 human studies have failed to find any link between artificial sweeteners and the risk of developing cancer.

Dr. Manish Singhal, senior oncologist in New Delhi, reiterates the same findings of the study. However, he puts in an word of caution, “too much artificial sweeteners is not good for health”

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