Work from home during menstruation of women recommended in Rajasthan

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Among this, the start of different welfare schemes like Good Touch-Bad Touch workshop, provision of work from home during women’s menstruation, family counselling centre, old age home operation, Yashoda Palna Greh Yojana, International Language Teaching Centre, etc were also discussed.

It was decided to send various proposals for establishment, etc to the state government for approval through the administrative department.

Archana Sharma, board chairperson, said that the board has been formed with the aim of various public welfare schemes in the state, determination of effective policy for the welfare and upliftment of women and children and effective implementation of various schemes for their social welfare. The Board has also been giving its suggestions from time to time in this regard.

“With the aim of reducing the increasing sexual crimes with children, awareness programmes would be organised at the state level, district level and panchayat samiti level in all the colleges, schools run in the state, in which they would be informed about good touch-bad touch and other welfare schemes. Information will be given.”

The Board President said that as a result of continuous social changes, there is a huge increase in family tensions, which is also affecting marital relations. Keeping these circumstances in view, there is a need to set up family counselling centres. Where family/women’s counselling should be done and appropriate legal help should also be provided if required.

It was informed by the Board Chairman that it is also proposed to run the Yashoda Creche Yojana, under which along with the care of the children in the age group of 6 months to 6 years, educational entertainment for the physical and mental development of the children and nutritional facilities will be made available.

In the meeting, Sharma said that it is proposed to set up an International Language Teaching Centre to teach various international languages. The youth will get employment by learning the language through the centre.

Apart from these, organising state level and district level seminars for the promotion of various schemes of the state government, de-addiction programme, running of old age homes by the Social Welfare Board. Provision should be made for work from home for women personnel during menstruation in the state service. Proposals regarding collecting data of voluntary organisations and enlisting them in the State Board are also being recommended to the Administrative Department.

The board meeting was concluded by thanking the chairperson.

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