New Halloween data reveals candies with most sugar, Nerds Candy tops

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San Francisco, Oct 29 (IANS) Ahead of Halloween, which is on October 31, a new study has revealed which candies contain the highest quantity of sugar, with Nerds Candy topping the list with a whopping 93 grams of sugar per 100 grams, as opposed to Twizzlers, which has the least.

The study, conducted by nicotine pouch enthusiasts Snusboss, analysed over 50 beloved Halloween candies to uncover which products contained the most sugar per 100 grams.

Sour Patch Kids candy ranks second, despite its relatively low-calorie content (367 calories per 100 grams), which contains a significant 80 grams of sugar. Since its introduction in 1985, these fun-shaped snacks have gained popularity among consumers.

Unfortunately, they also have one of the highest sugar content per serving of any candy, with 30 grams of product containing 24 grams of sugar, the study said.

Swedish Fish comes in third place. Swedish Fish, while having a similar calorie count to Sour Patch Kids (367 per 100 grams), has a slightly lower sugar content of 77 grams per 100 grams.

With an annual production of over nine billion kernels and its own national day, Candy Corn secures the fourth spot, containing 74 grams of sugar per 100 grams of the product.

Rounding out the top ten, you will find Skittles with 73 grams of sugar, Sugar Babies and Sweet Tarts, both containing just under 73 grams of sugar. Charms Blow Pops are a close contender with 72 grams of sugar, and Werther’s and Dum Dum Pops each contain 69 grams of sugar.

In contrast, Twizzlers emerged as a more health-conscious choice. These licorice candies stand out with the lowest sugar content, measuring just 38 grams per 100 grams of the product — nearly 2.5 times less sugar than Nerds, according to the report.

“As Halloween approaches, this research provides valuable insights into the sugar content of many well-loved products. It serves as a valuable resource for parents, helping them make informed choices for their children when trick-or-treating,” a spokesperson for Snusboss said.

Next in the lineup is Red Vines, often seen as a direct competitor to Twizzlers. Opting for a 30-gram recommended serving will consume approximately half the sugar content when compared to Swedish Fish, totalling 12 grams.

Ranked third is Butterfinger, the first chocolate bar in the ranking, featuring 41 grams of sugar per 100 grams. An American classic secures the fourth spot with 42 grams of sugar per 100 grams of the product.

Completing the list with just under 44 grams of sugar is Whatchamacallit bar, closely followed by Mounds Bar at just over 44 grams of sugar, Sour Punch Twists, Haribo Goldbears, Almond Joy and Dove Dark Chocolate Bar, all at 47 grams of sugar each.

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