High-end sound meters to be installed in different parts of Bengal

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Kolkata, Feb 12 (IANS) In order to detect location-specific levels of sound pollution, West Bengal Pollution Control Board (WBPCB) has now decided to set up high-end sound meters in different corners of the state.

A top official from BPCB said that under the existing system of measuring sound pollution levels it is often difficult to identify the location-specific sound pollution.

“However, in the new high-end sound meters there will be location tagging which will be done through the use of Cloud Technology. This will enable the authorities concerned to whom the high-end sound meters will be allotted, will be able to know the exact level of sound pollution in a particular area. From their respective office computers,” said a senior official of WBPCB, who refused to be named.

He also said that in case the sound pollution level in a particular area goes beyond a particular limit, the high-end sound meters will send alerts to the authorities concerned to whom these machines will be allotted. “Following this alert, the authorities concerned will be able to adopt measures as necessary,” he said.

It is learnt that the state government-run Webel Technology Limited will be entrusted with the task of preparing these high-end sound meters. Initially, there are plans to install 1,000 such machines in different pockets of the state. The board will allot these machines to different controlling authorities like state police, different police commiserate authorities, municipal corporations, municipalities and state transport department.

“WBPCB will itself keep some such machines in reserve for the purpose of replacement of any such machine malfunctioning in due course of time. The installation of the machines will be restricted to the urban pockets in the state where traditionally the sound pollution levels are higher compared to that in the rural belts. Emphasis will be given on those pockets where the sound pollution levels are reported to be abnormally high,” the WBPCB official said.

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