Gurugram docs remove massive breast tumour weighing 4.5 kg

Gurugram, Jan 27 (IANS) Doctors here have successfully executed a complex medical procedure, removing a massive 4.5 kg tumour measuring 23 cm from the breast of a woman.

The tumour, identified as a phyllodes tumour, necessitated a full breast removal and subsequent breast reconstruction surgery.

The patient initially noticed a small lump in her breast but neglected seeking medical attention for five months, during which time the lump grew from 2 cm to a staggering 23 cm.

Doctors at CK Birla Hospital Gurugram diagnosed it to be a phyllodes tumour. While not classified as breast cancer, it had grown to an extent that preserving the breast was no longer an option.

“The patient came to us with a huge lump involving the entire breast, which was identified as a phyllodes tumour. Despite initial identification as a breast lump she had ignored the lump for an extended period as it was painless. Looking at the size, she underwent tumour removal surgery where her left breast could not be preserved,” said Dr Rohan Khandelwal, Lead Consultant and Head of the Breast Centre at the Hospital, who led the surgery, in a statement.

“However, the breast was reconstructed successfully after removing the tumour. This case highlights the importance of not underestimating painless lumps, especially when they are increasing in size,” he added.

Phyllodes tumours are a rare condition that, if detected early, can often be treated without resorting to chemotherapy. However, in this particular case, the size of the tumour necessitated full breast removal.

“If patients seek medical attention promptly, we can often save the breast. However, in situations where the tumour has grown significantly, as in this case, reconstruction becomes a crucial aspect of the treatment plan,” Rohan said.

The patient, now on the path to recovery, will require radiotherapy as part of her treatment plan, the doctors said.

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