For many years after Independence, there was no long term vision in health sector: PM

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New Delhi, March 6 (IANS) Prime minister Narendra Modi on Monday claimed that for several decades after Independence, there was a lack of an integrated approach and long term vision in the health sector.

“For several decades after Independence, there was a lack of an integrated approach and a long-term vision in health. We have not kept healthcare restricted only to the health ministry, but have emphasised on the whole of the government approach,” he said while addressing a webinar on “Health and Medical Research”.

It has been the endeavour of the Centre, to make medical treatment affordable in India, the Prime Minister added.

“That has been the thought behind providing free medical treatment of upto Rs 5 lakh under the Ayushman Bharat scheme. Under this, approximately Rs 80,000 crore, that would’ve been spent on medical treatments, were saved,” he said further.

For serious diseases, quality and modern health infrastructure in the country is important, the PM said.

Government’s focus is also on ensuring that people get testing facilities near their homes and there are better facilities for first aid, he added.

For this, he said, 1.5 lakh health and wellness centres are being prepared in the country, the prime minister informed.

Referring to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Prime Minister said that it showed that when such a crisis occurs, even developed systems of prosperous nations collapse.

“World is now much more focussed on health. But India’s approach is not restricted to healthcare, we’re also working on ensuring wellness,” he added.

“Corona also taught us that supply chain has become a very important matter. When the pandemic was at its peak, for some countries even life-saving things like medicines, vaccines, and medical devices had become weapons,” the Prime Minister noted.

Reminding the audience that India helped many nations by providing vaccines to them, he said, “That’s why we have kept a vision before the world – ‘One Earth, One Health’ – holistic healthcare for everyone.”

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