Doctors learn sign language to share infant’s progress with deaf-dumb parents

Hyderabad, Dec 26 (IANS) Doctors and nurses at a private hospital in Hyderabad learnt sign language to share the new-born’s progress with her deaf and dumb parents.

The medical team at KIMS Cuddles Hospital successfully treated and nurtured a premature baby born to a deaf-mute couple.

The baby’s survival and flourishing health were achieved through a challenging 80-day Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) stay, where the medical team went above and beyond to ensure effective communication with the parents.

Marri Bhagyamma, 47, and Marri Rajasekhar, 55, a deaf-mute couple from Hyderabad, conceived twins through in vitro fertilization (IVF) at the age of 45.

Unfortunately, one of the twin boys faced pre-term complications and did not survive.

The surviving baby girl, born at an incredibly low weight of 540 grams, was admitted to KIMS Cuddles NICU.

The medical team, comprising seven doctors and nine support staff, faced the unique challenge of communicating with the deaf-mute parents.

Initially relying on written communication and the assistance of a young relative as a sign language interpreter, the team encountered a setback when the interpreter became unavailable.

Undeterred, the doctors and nurses undertook an impressive initiative, dedicating 10 days to learning sign language to communicate directly with the parents.

Dr. Aparna Chandrasekharan, Clinical Director of Neonatology, Head of NICU, and Senior Consultant Neonatologist at KIMS Cuddles Hospital, noted the complexity of the case.

“The baby girl faced multiple complications, including respiratory challenges and the loss of her twin brother to necrotising enterocolitis. Throughout the 80-day NICU stay, our medical team ensured effective communication with the parents, using sign language to convey treatment details and progress.”

The baby girl’s journey involved various forms of respiratory support and meticulous care, leading to her discharge after 79 days with a weight of 1,642 grams. Importantly, she exhibited normal neurological examination, hearing, and vision.

Rajasekhar expressed their gratitude through sign language.

“The doctors and other staff of the hospital have told us the entire treatment procedure. We had regular counseling about our baby’s condition. They gave every minute of information,” she said



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