Myth: COVID is a mild flu

Rating: Mostly False

COVID 19 and Influenza (Type A and Type B) are not the same disease. They are caused by different viruses.

Though the initial symptoms of both diseases are similar, the severity of COVID symptoms tend to escalate much faster. The hospitalization and death rates also tend to be higher in COVID due to the lack of proper medicines and developed immunity.

Studies have shown that while symptoms generally appear within the first 4 days of contracting the Influenza virus, in case of COVID it can take up to 14 days.

It is not right to ignore the symptoms of COVID, thinking it to be a ‘mild flu’ (even though the symptoms may look similar). A study that looked at clinical features of COVID 19 and Influenza A and Influenza B amount kids in the US, found no significant difference in the symptoms.

While the recommended treatments are different for both the diseases, some researchers are of the opinion that Influenza vaccine has some effect in preventing COVID.

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