Myth: Covid-19 vaccines are unsafe because they are developed so fast

Rating: False

There is no evidence to prove that COVID-19 vaccines were developed bypassing any of the standard safety protocols that otherwise would have been followed during a vaccine preparation.

It was possible to develop the vaccines in record time because there was already years of research that scientists had done to prepare vaccines for different other types of Coronaviruses, World Health Organization (WHO) has mentioned that unprecedented scientific collaborations have allowed COVID-19 vaccine research, development, and authorisations to be completed in record time.

Covid-19 vaccines have been scrutinized and approved by top most health bodies across the world. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has certified that the vaccines had been developed following the safety requirements of any other vaccines in EU. The USFDA, CDC, ICMR and health bodies in every country has scrutinized the vaccines as per their own standards and have approved them.

It also needs to be put into perspective, that not all COVID-19 vaccines got authorizations by all Governments. For example, the Government of Canada maintains a list of vaccine makers who have applied for authorizations and the current status of their applications.

Further still, the clinical trial reports for most of the vaccines, like Pfizer-BioNTechAstraZenecaJohnson & Johnson and Moderna, have been published and available to be reviewed by independent scientists and health bodies.

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