Well-informed and proactive patients are a delight to work with: Pariksha Rao

With an experience of nearly 18 years, Pariksha Rao is a clinical nutritionist and works as a consultant with Digital Wellness & Therapeutic Programs.

What is the best thing you enjoy about treating patients?

I enjoy learning from the individual disease management journeys that different patients go through.

When is a patient easy to treat?

Its always a treat to have patient who is well-informed, proactive and is geared to make a difference and feel better soon.

When is a patient difficult to treat?

It becomes difficult to work with patients who are not self-motivated to get better or are in denial about their condition and are forced by others to take action or take care of their health.

How helpful is it to the treatment course, if the patient is knowledgeable about the treatment procedure, benefits, risks etc.?

It is very helpful when the patient has the knowledge about their condition. However, knowledge and practice are two very different things. Often we see doctors being the worst patients.

How can a patient improve his knowledge about the treatment procedure (apart from consulting the doctor, of course)?

It is a world of information overload out there, and so, going to an expert is the best. One can refer to evidence based coaching modules from a trustworthy source. That can add a lot of value.

How medical misinformation act as a problem in the overall treatment procedure?

It is a very big problem. I see patients consuming dietary supplements or herbal supplements that do more harm than good everyday. Ever since the pandemic, there has been a lot of misinformation floating around on social media and otherwise.

A few advice that you always give to your patients (about staying healthy, about escaping misinformation etc.)

I always advise my patients to develop an understanding about their bodies and not making themselves guinea pigs. Something that worked for one person might not work for all. Personalisation is the key.

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