Trust your health to professionals, not pretenders: Dr Nandit Nandu

With over nine years of experience, Dr Nandit Nandu, BDS, serves as a consultant at Kalyani Hospital and Gupta Dental Care & Orthodontic Center in New Delhi and also has a private practice.

When a patient explains to you about their health problems, what are the most common mistakes they make in their communication?

One common error in communication occurs when people not only express their issues but also attempt to outline the treatment procedure themselves.

What does health literacy mean to you, and why is it important in patient care?

Health literacy is essential for patient care as it enables individuals to understand medical information, make informed decisions about their health, and adhere to treatment plans. It improves communication with healthcare providers, reduces the risk of medical errors, and promotes preventive measures.

If a patient is knowledgeable about the basics of their health condition, how helpful is it for the overall treatment procedure?

When patients have a grasp of the fundamentals of their treatment procedure, it enables me to provide them with more accurate and precise care.

How much can medical misinformation impact treatment procedures?

Medical misinformation can significantly impact treatment procedures by causing confusion, mistrust, and potentially harmful decisions. 

What are the most common myths or misinformation you see your patients falling prey to? 

One of the most prevalent myths I often encounter is the belief that extracting a tooth can lead to blindness or deafness.

What is your most common advice to patients to stay away from health misinformation online?

The primary advice I commonly offer to my patients is to consult a qualified doctor for any medical concerns rather than seek the help of unlicensed practitioners.

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