Positive attitude matters in your road to recovery: Harita Adhvaryu

Harita Adhvaryu is a senior dietician and diabetes educator. With over five years of dedicated practice as a dietician, she has collaborated with numerous hospitals, healthcare professionals, and NGOs, contributing her expertise and experience in dietary management. 

When a patient explains to you about their health problems, what are the most common mistakes they make in their communication?

One of the most prevalent communication errors individuals make is their misunderstanding of health. Many people tend to focus on what they eat and the details in their medical reports, often overlooking the crucial aspects of lifestyle and the fundamental concept of balanced nutrition. They frequently perceive a diet as a short-term fix, neglecting to discuss their daily routines and the emotional well-being that plays a significant role in their overall health.

What does health literacy mean to you, and why is it important in patient care?

Health literacy refers to a patient’s understanding of their nutritional requirements, deficiencies, or the fundamental knowledge needed to maintain their own well-being.

If a patient is knowledgeable about the basics of their health condition, how helpful is it for the overall treatment procedure?

It’s become too much helpful to treat such a patient. They cooperate and follow everything willingly. Their positive attitude towards the treatment brings positive outcomes.

How much can medical misinformation impact treatment procedures?

The impact of medical misinformation is substantial, underscoring the essential need for accurate and concise medical information to guide treatment decisions.

What are the most common myths or misinformation you see your patients falling prey to?

Some of the most prevalent misconceptions I’ve encountered are the beliefs that Diabetes is irreversible, fasting is essential for weight loss, and diet food is inherently tasteless.

What is your most common advice to patients to stay away from health misinformation online?

I counsel my patients to seek individualized guidance from experienced individuals rather than blindly adhering to generic advice. I emphasize the importance of not opting for quick fixes when it comes to weight loss; instead, I recommend a balanced approach that includes exercise and a well-rounded diet, cautioning against the use of allopathic medications for this purpose.

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