Not every information on Internet applies to you: Dr Pankaj Desai

Dr Pankaj Desai, MD, is an experienced gynaecologist with specialisation in Clinical Research, Customer Service, Medical Education, Strategic Planning, and Medicine.

What is the best thing you enjoy about treating patients?

I enjoy the science involved in the treatment of patients and their happy faces.

When is a patient easy to treat?

A patient is easy to treat when they are serious about their treatment.

When is a patient difficult to treat? 

Patients who are too opinionated with lack of scientific approach towards their health condition are difficult to treat.

How helpful is it to the treatment course, if the patient is knowledgeable about the treatment procedure, benefits, risks etc.?

It can be very helpful if a patient knows and understands the treatment procedure, health benefits and other risks. But it can become difficult if the patient feels that s/he knows the subject very well and and has all the answers.

How can a patient improve his knowledge about the treatment procedure (apart from consulting the doctor, of course)?

Reading from authentic and verified sources, research journals, and expert opinions are the best ways to improve your knowledge about a particular health condition.

How medical misinformation act as a problem in the overall treatment procedure?

Medical misinformation can be very dangerous. Many times people come with preoccupied notions that cesarean section is bad for their patient. They just refuse to listen to the doctor and as a result the unborn child gets born with serious challenges and in some cases the baby even dies before birth or shortly after the birth.

A few advice that you always give to your patients (about staying healthy, about escaping misinformation, etc.)

It is always best to consult a doctor for verified information. Do not believe what your non-medical relatives suggest you regarding any of the health conditions. What they have experienced has nothing to do with your condition. Don’t buy drugs directly from the medical stores without prescription. Do not apply everything and anything that you read about your condition to yourself. Information available online is generic in nature and is most of the times not applicable/suitable to everyone.

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