Medical misinformation is harmful for people: Dr Ritesh Bansal

Dr Ritesh Bansal is a Senior Consultant Diabetologist and Founder at Saroj Diabetes & Research Centre in Delhi.

What is the best thing you enjoy about treating patients?

The best thing about treating patients is the satisfaction that I get from treating them and being able to make change in their lives.

When is a patient easy to treat? 

The patients who listen to their doctors and follow their instructions are the easiest to treat.

When is a patient difficult to treat? 

The difficult patients are those who do not pay heed to what the doctor says and do not follow their instructions.

How helpful is it to the treatment course, if the patient is knowledgeable about the treatment procedure, benefits, risks etc.?

It is very helpful if patients are aware of the treatment course and understand the consequences of not getting the treatment.

How can a patient improve their knowledge about the treatment procedure (apart from consulting the doctor, of course)?

A patient can improve their knowledge about their condition and the related treatment procedures by referring to the verified journals, research papers and experts in the field.

How medical misinformation act as a problem in the overall treatment procedure?

It is a huge problem as it misleads the patients. Due to misinformation, people start believing baseless medical and health claims, which result in severe health issues in many cases.

A few advice that you always give to your patients (about staying healthy, about escaping misinformation etc.)

I always tell my patients to to make lifestyle modifications in order to live a healthy life. Balanced diet, exercises and regular check-ups and doctor consultations can help you live a healthy life.

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