Medical misinformation can harm you by hindering your treatment: Dr IMTIAZ GHANI

Dr. Imtiaz Ghani is an internationally trained orthopaedic spine surgeon and is working as Senior Consultant at Apollo Group of Hospitals, Chennai, India.

What is the best thing you enjoy about treating patients?

The best thing I enjoy about treating my patients is the deep impactful difference I strive to offer in someone else’s life. The ability to significantly improve the quality of life of our patients gives a tremendously satisfying experience.

When is a patient easy to treat?

Patients who trust their physicians and be respectful and courteous towards them are easy to treat.

When is a patient difficult to treat? 

When patients start relying on the internet more than their doctors and start questioning their doctor’s diagnosis and treatment procedure, it gets very difficult to treat.

How helpful is it to the treatment course, if the patient is knowledgeable about the treatment procedure, benefits, risks etc.?

Patients gathering knowledge about their condition can be advantageous as it will be easier for them to be able to grasp the information conveyed by the doctor. However, they should not depend on just that as it can result in unwanted consequences.

How can a patient improve their knowledge about the treatment procedure?

Reliable sources on the internet can be useful for a patient to improve their knowledge about their condition, but one should not completely depend on it.

How medical misinformation act as a problem in the overall treatment procedure?

Medical misinformation is a serious problem as it may lead to wrong treatment, delay in initiation of proper treatment and fatal consequences.

A few advice that you always give to your patients… 

I always advice my patients to eat a well-balanced, low-fat diet with lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, to exercise and to avoid unhealthy habits like smoking. I also ask my patients to not rely on the information they gather on the internet about their health condition, instead, they should immediately consult with a healthcare professional.

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