Maintain proper medical history for better treatment outcomes: Dr Ketan Rajput

Dr Ketan Rajput, BDS, MDS (Periodontology and Implantology), serves as a Consulting Periodontist and Implantologist, utilising his expertise to provide specialised care in periodontal treatments and dental implant procedures.

When a patient explains to you about their health problems, what are the most common mistakes they make in their communication?

Patients often make common health mistakes such as concealing their past medical history and exaggerating their current condition. These actions can hinder the accuracy of medical assessments and diagnoses.

What does health literacy mean to you and why is it important in patient care?

If a patient is aware of their overall health, they take all necessary precautions, listen attentively to their doctor’s advice, and maintain regular follow-ups, and these things ultimately result in a better outcome.

If a patient is knowledgeable about the basics of their health condition, how helpful is it for the overall treatment procedure?

It can be very helpful. This is because will always give a detailed medical history. They will also maintain proper follow-ups and take proper care as suggested and avoid things which are harmful and damaging.

How much can medical misinformation impact treatment procedures?

In this modern era, as technology has been a boon for many, it has also caused some ill effects in society! Nowadays many patients search for the symptoms they are suffering on the internet and treat them in the wrong way taking medications or they come up with their own treatment plan when they meet the doctor for consultation. In such cases, it becomes very difficult for the doctor to do the desired treatment because the patient most of the time has read something different on the internet. Also, in some cases, patients often visit the doctor too late after taking self-prescribed medications. And by the time they go to the doctor, it’s too late and the treatment options narrow down.

What are the most common myths or misinformation you see your patients falling prey to?

Three of the most common myths that I have come across are – extraction can have an impact on eyesight, scaling results in mobility with teeth, and implants get rusted.

What is your most common advice to patients to stay away from health misinformation online?

You get random information from the internet. Therefore, it is important to visit your dentist, ask them the relevant questions, and clear the doubts. You can search the internet for more relevant information after consulting your doctor.

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