Treating non-communicative patients can be challenging: Dr Seema Purohit

Dr Seema Purohit, BPT, is a highly qualified and experienced consultant physiotherapist. She specialises in treating patients across various age groups, including pediatric, adult, and geriatric individuals. Dr Purohit focuses on addressing a wide range of medical issues, including neurological problems, orthopaedic conditions, pain management, and muscular disorders. With 10 years of experience, she brings knowledge and expertise to her practice, ensuring optimal care for her patients.

What is the best thing you enjoy about treating patients?

I feel a sense of satisfaction and happiness in using my best ability to make lives better in society and making the community independent to perform their best

When is a patient easy to treat?

The treatment of a patient becomes easier when they are cooperative, consistent in therapy and have strong willpower to strive for the best and to be independent. When a patient actively participates in their treatment, maintains consistency in following prescribed therapies, and possesses the determination to improve themselves, it greatly facilitates the healing process.

When is a patient difficult to treat?

Treating patients becomes challenging when they face difficulties in communication, comprehension, and cooperation. It can be particularly demanding to provide effective care when patients struggle to express their concerns clearly or have trouble understanding medical information.

How helpful is it to the treatment course, if the patient is knowledgeable about the treatment procedure, benefits, risks etc.?

It is good as the patient has involvement and knows the advantages and process of the treatment.

How can a patient improve their knowledge about the treatment procedure? 

Patients can gather information about their treatment procedures by reading from authentic sources and by discussing with qualified healthcare professionals and their doctors.

How does medical misinformation act as a problem in the overall treatment procedure?

Medical misinformation can result in patients compromising their therapy and delaying their recovery.

A few pieces of advice that you always give to your patients

I advise patients to exercise regularly and consume health-related information only from reliable and authentic sources.

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