Dealing with post-pandemic office stress

Last Updated on April 26, 2022 by Neelam Singh

Are you ready to go back to your office now that booster dose of vaccines are available for COVID-19 and cases are dipping worldwide?

While employers are contemplating their profit and loss and are planning to have full office soon, are employees ready to go back to pre pandemic scenario?

Find out more about the topic as we discussed this with two experts Dr R Nagarathna, Medical Director, Arogyadhama, SVYASA and Dr Manisha Gaur, Clinical Psychologist & Counselor.

During the discussion, Dr R Nagarathna highlighted the importance of yoga in office life and how to manage the stress whereas Dr Manisha Gaur discussed how re-opening of offices will break the monotonous routine of last two years and will bring positive change in the life of employees.

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