Smart Bed: A blessing for patients

Know the story of a ‘smart bed’ made by Prabhakar Alladi from Hyderabad which can be a real changemaker in the lives of the patients in bed rest.

Last Updated on November 25, 2022 by Shabnam Sengupta

When a doctor prescribes bed rest for a patient, it becomes a huge responsibility for their family members to cater to their needs as it demands complete attention. This kind of responsibility can affect the daily schedule of the family members. Prabhakar Alladi from Hyderabad has come up with a solution in the form of a smart bed for such patients by making such a bed which can prove to be highly beneficial for the patients by taking care of their needs by itself.

Smart Bed

Alladi’s father became the inspiration behind his innovation

The 59-year-old Alladi said that he got the inspiration to make the smart bed from his father who was an electrician. His father’s work inspired Alladi to create something innovative with electronic components and decided to study electronics after completing his high school. The desire and urge for innovation resulted to his beginning of the journey as an inventor in 1980. Four years later, he set up his own health centre.

“I always had a liking for films and used to watch a lot of them. I even used to go to theatres for repair work. Disruption of shows caused by sudden power failure was a common thing, and this gave me the idea to make an automatic generator starter”.

His other inventions apart from the smart bed

Alladi has made inventions of 20 patented components, and among them are automatic generator starter (1986), forty applicator (1993), agriculture motor timer starter (1999), turmeric boiling unit (2011), electrical pole clip (2014), solar timer tracker (2014), redesign soak pits (2015), borewell-pulling machine (2015), jumbo air cooler (2016), commode wheelchair (2017), weeder (2017), automatic vehicle headlight dipper (2017), self-charging electric vehicle (2018), and coconut vending machine (2022).

Now, the man has invented the ‘smart bed’ which will make life easier for patients advised bed rest. The patients resting on this bed will not need any external aid for taking bath, thanks to a mini toilet attached. Besides, the bed also has a pushback feature which will help patients to get into a sitting position easily. 

Discomfort of bedridden patients moved Alladi

“I have seen at hospitals as well as patients in my own family needing help of more than one person to move themselves while in bed rest. But this smart bed, the ‘Prabhat Versatile Bed’ would reduce the pain of such patients to a great extent. This would help them to manage a lot of their affairs on their own.

The bed takes care of the patient’s safety as it has grills on both sides. The push-back seat can be easily controlled with the help of a lever. The bed also has a water connection to help the patient take a head shower and use the wash basin.

Smart Bed

Alladi said, “The smart bed for patients can be provided with a water connection. A patient can even make use of the mini toilet that comes with it and use the flush. To keep essential items, there is also a medium-sized storage attached to the bed”.

Buying the bed

Alladi spent around Rs 50,000 to make his first bed. Fibre and iron, which are mainly used for making the bed, costed him Rs 26,000. The bed is sold through the Prabhat Industries Facebook page and website of Prabhath Industries. In 2022, the bed was patented under Intellectual Property India in Chennai.

Alladi has received a number of awards for his inventions. His initiative got the best start-up award at the Rural Innovators Startup Conclave 2019. He also won an award for his innovation on the Telangana Foundation Day in 2018.

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