‘Spandan’, a portable ECG device to make your treatment easier

In this chapter of Changemakers, know how Rajat Jain from Dehradun has made the complex ECG procedure easier ...

Last Updated on March 16, 2023 by Shabnam Sengupta

Undergoing ECG (electrocardiogram) has always been tricky since it not only involves consulting a good doctor but also contacting a reputed laboratory to get the right results. After the tests, you have to again go back to the doctor for further consultation. But, imagine for a minute. How would it have been if instead of going through all that, you could get an ECG report instantly on your smartphone in the comfort of your home? If the entire procedure can be done in seconds, then the patient can start his/her treatment sooner, saving crucial time in case there is a serious problem in the heart. Rajat Jain from Dehradun has given wings to such a possibility and his efforts are already getting rave reviews. 

In 2016, a friend of Jain died in cardiac arrest and since then, the 27-year-old man has been in search of such a device that would help in detecting heart conditions at an early stage. He eventually succeeded in making the device called ‘Spandan’ (beating of the heart) through which people can learn about their heart ailments without going to a hospital or laboratory. 

Portable ECG device

The device weighs around 12 gram and is not bigger than a matchbox. It can help one detect the preliminary stage of any irregularity in the heart. The instrument is easy to use. After placing electrodes in three spots around the patient’s chest area, the device can be connected with a smartphone. The ECG reading will show on the phone with the help of an app.

“‘Spandan’ is such a device which can be operated without the help of batteries or radiation. One doesn’t even need an internet connection for using it because once it is attached to a smartphone, it can be used as per the patient’s convenience and from anywhere. You can also take out a print of the report and send it to experts for consultation”, Jain said, adding that the machine has been designed by Dehradun’s Sunfox Technologies. 

‘Spandan’ is available online

The team behind the development of the device has around 11 members who look after its various aspects. The device costs around Rs 8,000 and it can be bought online, including from its website. Anyone interested in buying the device can also request for a ‘demo’.  

According to Jain, people had difficulties getting heart examinations done at crowded hospitals during Covid-19 pandemic and ‘Spandan’ proved handy for them. 

Ravi Agarwal, who works at the community health centre in Raipur in Dehradun, said, “’Spandan’ is a boon for people who live in the hill areas since there are not many doctors there. ‘Spandan’ has catered well to people who are in need of ECG in challenging conditions”.

It has been seen that heart-related conditions have grown over the last few years. Earlier, problems related to the heart were mostly found in elderly people but now youngsters also complain about the same. As per a report in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, India is ranked second in terms of deaths caused by heart failure. It also backs the claim that factors such as air pollution also cause cardiovascular and breathing-related problems.

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