BeatO Curv, a chatbot that tests for diabetes

Read in this chapter of Changemakers about a national award-winning start-up which can play a key role in controlling diabetes.

Diabetes today has become a major public health menace because of a number of reasons. While many lack awareness about the disease, there are also people who either suffer because of lack of treatment or do not get to know their bodies’ sugar level condition on time, leading to complications and overall rise in the number of diabetic patients. Lack of awareness about diabetes prevails not only in the rural areas but also in cities because a lot of people do not take the disease seriously yet.

India is often called the ‘Diabetes Capital of the World’ because 14 per cent of the world’s diabetic population lives in the country. In India, 80 lakh people suffer from diabetes and this number is expected to touch 135 lakh by 2045.

Diabetes can be divided into two types: Type-1 and Type-2. In Type-1 diabetes, the pancreas produces less insulin hormone while in Type-2 diabetes, insulin is produced but the body is unable to use it properly. Both the conditions can prove to be critical for a diabetic patient and he/she has to be careful when it comes to food habits. Especially those who have a sweet tooth face challenges with their diet if diagnosed with diabetes. Doctors advise them to be alert about their regular routine and food habits after assessing their diabetic condition.

Diabetes examination is complicated

Diabetic patients need to get their blood tested twice a day – first before taking the day’s first meal and after taking it. Thereafter, they have to consult doctors for medical advice. But BeatO has made the procedure easier and convenient for people.

BeatO (Health Arx Technology Private Limited), which has received the National Startup Awards 2021, helps in providing information about a patient’s diabetes level to his/her smartphone after a quick analysis. The co-founders of BeatO include Gautam Chopra, who is also the CEO; Yash Sehgal, the COO; and Kunal Kinalekar, the CTO.


Chatbot will speak to patients

While the foundation of BeatO was laid in August 2015, it was in March the year next that the first app of BeatO was launched for patients’ use. In September the same year, BeatO Smart & Diabetes Care Plan was started. BeatO Curv, India’s first USB-connected glucometer, was launched in 2020. Gradually, more features were included in products to meet patients’ changing demands. A chatbot, which is capable of interacting with patients, was also introduced and diabetes experts were included in it. Other key information was also made available in the chatbot.


The YouTube videos of BeatO Curve explain the process of connecting it to your smartphones easily. You can attach the test strip to the device and when you touch the strip to your blood drop, the result will be flashed on the screen within seconds. The level of sugar is shown through various colours. If it is green, it means the level is under control; yellow means the level is at medium level while red means the level is alarming. You can also add relevant notes here. To buy the diabetes-analysing machine, you can visit the BeatO Curv website.

According to the device’s founders, they wanted to make such a system in which everything would be available and people would not have to wait for long to get details about their diabetic conditions. It would help people to maintain a controlled diet and working people would not have to compromise with their health.

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