Fact Check: Riverlife Diab 99.9 claims to cure Blood Sugar

Quick Take

A company named River Lifesciences run a Google Adwords campaign claiming to ‘cure Sugar’ through their herbal medicine capsules Diab 99.9. The company also uses the tagline ‘100% Natural Diabetes Killer’. The company lists the product on its Amazon page claiming that it has been subjected to ‘clinical trials in multispeciality hospitals ‘ . We Fact Check the claims and find the claims as False.

The Claim

Diab 99.9, a herbal supplement made from natural ingredients, is sold by a company named River Lifesciences. The company website also links to another e-commerce website called Yoga Man Lab. The advertisements also mention Maharshi Ayurveda, an Ayurveda supplement maker, as the creator of Diab 99.9.

The Facebook post of the product claims ‘Diabetes can be reversed. It also peddles the conspiracy theory that big pharmaceuticals do not allow diabetes to be cured. The advertisement also shows features a gentleman claiming to be a German scientist named ‘Robet Ficher’. The gentleman claims (in Hindi) that he has done hours of research on the medicine and has applied it to his patients and fellow scientists. The archived version of the post is here.

The above Facebook post also claims that ‘Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission has certified a new diabetes medicine #Diab 99.9’

The company runs Google Adword campaigns claiming it can cure Blood sugar. Snapshot below.

The company lists the product on Amazon (and many other e-commerce portals) claiming it has gone through multiple clinical trials. Notably, the product is listed on Amazon as ‘medicine’ and not as a supplement. An archived version of the product listing page can be viewed here and a snapshot is given below.

Fact Check

Is Diab 99.9 certified by Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission?

The Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission is an autonomous institution of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare which sets standards for all drugs that are manufactured, sold and consumed in India. They are regulatory body that defines the standards under which a particular medicine will be produced. The DO NOT certify individual drugs.

Dr Vimal N

We reached out to Dr. Vimal Narayan, an official with the Pharmacovigilance Programme of India explains, “Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission does not certify individual drugs. IPC is an authoritative body that certifies the standards under which medicines are to be prepared.”

Notably, on its packaging Diab 99.9 mentions “Quality Control References: Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission” thereby denoting that the medicine is prepared following the guidelines set by IPC.

However, in its Facebook post, the company claims ‘Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission has certified a new diabetes medicine #Diab 99.9’ which we find misleading.

Is Diab 99.9 scientifically researched and tested by Dr. Robet Ficher?

We have done a thorough search on various research publication journals. We haven’t been able to find any credible publication anywhere about Diab 99.9. An investigation about the existence of any German scientist with the name Robet Ficher also did not return any favourable result.

So far, our investigation finds that the claim about German scientist Robet Ficher and the claim about extensive research in German laboratory are both misleading.

We have written to River Lifesciences enquiring about the identity of the claimed scientist in the video as well as about the details of the mentioned research. We will update this section if we hear back from them.

Has Diab 99.9 passed clinical trials?

Diab 99.9 claims to have done extensive clinical trials. However, they do not mention in which hospitals or which country this trial is being conducted. They also do not mention the findings of clinical trials or mention any research publication where the findings are published.

Registration of all regulatory clinical trials is mandatory as per the drug licensing authority in India i.e. the Drugs Controller General (India) (DCGI). We did a thorough search on the Clinical Trial Registry of India. But no clinical trial for Diab 99.9 was listed.

Dr. Vimal Narayan says, “The AYUSH department has taken a lot of measures these days to curb fake claims. For any proprietary herbal drugs clinical research is an important process.”

We have written to River Lifesciences and Amazon seeking further details about the Clinical Trial mentioned in the product listing. We will update this section if we hear from them.

So far, our findings say that the claim of Clinical trial is misleading.

Can Diab 99.9 cure Diabetes?

No. So far, no medicine has been invented that can cure or reverse the condition of Diabetes. Doctors recommend a mix of lifestyle improvements, diet improvement, regular excercise and medication to keep the blood sugar levels in check.

Herbal products and ingredients can act as a supporting supplement to keep a check on blood sugar naturally. Some researches have shown that Ayurveda treatments can also bring down blood sugar levels over a period of time.

Dr P Rammanohar
Dr Rammanohar P.

We consulted Dr. Rammanohar P, Research Director of Amrita School of Ayurveda. He says, “Diabetes in very early stages can be reversed. It requires paramount importance to be given on lifestyle – physical activities and diet. Medicines, herbal or modern, are supportive factors in the treatment. Even modern research supports this fact. A very popular study on Diabetes published on The Lancet suggests if you try to manage with medicines, then you will become a permanent diabetic.”

Dr. Rammanohar further explains,”In Ayurveda, early stage diabetes is known as Kapha Prameha which can be cured by altering lifestyle factors and some supporting medicines. Advanced diabetes known as Pittaprameha is said to be manageable with lifelong medications, but not curable. In very advanced stages, Vataprameha, diabetes is totally unmanageable according to Ayurveda. So far, there is no magical herb or formulation that is known to have been discovered.”

Our view: Given the list of ingredients used in Diab 99.9, it may have the ability to bring down the level of blood glucose in a Diabetes patient. However, this is NOT the same as a complete cure (where you will not require any further medication). The results will depend on multiple factors like your stage of Diabetes and your lifestyle factors.

Notably, the company in many of their communication uses the phrase ‘controls blood sugar’ on their packaging [the claim of curing Diabetes or reversing it is used only in Marketing communication like Facebook post, Video etc.]

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