Fact Check: Is there a proof of Covid-19 vaccine-related deaths?

Quick Take

On December 28, 2021, a Substack newsletter published online by American Entrepreneur Steve Kirsch that suggests to stop the vaccine rollouts as they are increasing the number of deaths. We fact-checked and found the claim to be False.

The Claim

The newsletter written by Steve Kirsch and team suggests halting the vaccine rollouts as they are resulting in millions of deaths. The report claims, “the inoculation-based deaths are an order-of-magnitude greater than the COVID-19 deaths!”. The Substack newsletter can be seen here and here.

Fact Check

Is a non-reviewed paper a credible source for citation?

No. Peer review is an essential part of scientific communication and is conducted before publishing a paper to assess its quality and credibility. The experienced peer reviewers carry out the process and have the power to recommend changes in case of a false claim and other discrepancies. 

The ultimate power to publish a paper lies with the publishing house. However, self-publishing challenges the peer-review process by allowing everyone to publish content without assessing the quality.

Have Covid-19 vaccines increased the number of deaths?

No. Studies have not shown any major cases of adverse events for Covid-19 vaccines. Also, data is being monitored constantly by multiple countries and no major incident has been reported anywhere. The data provided by Steve Kirsch is based on limited studies and is skewed to spread the misinformation.

Moreover, Covid-19 vaccines have reduced the number of deaths. The World Health Organization has come up with strategies to make vaccines accessible for everyone throughout the globe.

Hans Henri P. Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe says, “COVID-19 has exacted a devastating death toll in our region, but we can now categorically say that without COVID-19 vaccines as a tool to contain this pandemic, many more people would have died.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website claims “lower rates of non–COVID-19 mortality among vaccinated persons compared with unvaccinated persons”.

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