Fact Check: Is there a list of plasma donors for COVID patients?

Quick Take

A WhatsApp message had been doing rounds with a list of names and phone numbers of few people. The message claims that the list contains plasma donors who are willing to donate plasma for COVID patients. We fact-checked and found that the claim is false.

The Claim

“Dear Friends, Anyone requiring plasma for Covid treatment, please share these…” reads the viral WhatsApp message which also lists down names and numbers of various people.

The message had been viral on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter in various versions.

Fact Check

Is the list genuine?

No. The list is not of genuine plasma donors.

A quick search on the internet and on social media forums reveal that the list had been doing rounds since many years in different versions. Here is one Facebook group where the same list was shared as a list of blood donors. And here is another website that carried the list in 2016.

Can there be genuine plasma donors in the list?

Not proven. There is very little chance that a list of people whose name has been in circulation since last many years can be eligible plasma donors.

That said, there is a Govt. guidelines on who can be plasma donors and the rules to follow for the same. Below is a Indian Govt. official tweet listing down the key guidelines pointers.

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