Fact Check: Is the Covid-19 pandemic a lie?

Quick Take

Several social media users have claimed that covid-19 pandemic is a lie or a hoax. We fact-checked and found the claim to be False.

The Claim

“If we were in a real pandemic people would be dying in their homes by the thousands, hazmat teams would be removing bodies daily, mass grave sites would be everywhere. In over two years we have seen nothing like this anywhere in the world. Stop calling this a pandemic, its a lie” writes a social media user. The post can be seen here.

Fact Check

Is Covid-19 pandemic a lie?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced the Covid-19 outbreak as a global pandemic in March 2020. As of January 2022, the data released by WHO has confirmed more than 50 lakhs global recorded deaths out of which 4 lakhs deaths are recorded in India.

What is the situation in India?

India has been hit badly by the coronavirus as still the active cases are in lakhs. As per the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare website, there are more than 2.5 lakhs active Covid-19 cases in India. Although every country has struggled with Covid-19 pandemic, they are now forming and executing suitable strategies to normalise the lives of the people. That being the case, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) who formulates COVID-19 testing protocols in India to reduce the number of active cases, recently achieved the milestone of conducting 68 crores tests on January 05, 2022.

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