Fact Check: Did Donald Trump say that Delta variant of Coronavirus is fake?

Quick Take

A photo of former US President Donald Trump is doing rounds on social media. In the photo, Trump is seen holding a sign that reads, “The Delta Variant is Fake News,” referring to the latest mutated variant of the Novel Coronavirus. We fact-checked and found that the image is altered. We label this post as False.

The Claim

The photo has been shared by multiple users. The Archived version of the post can be seen here and here. A snapshot is given below.

Fact Check

What is Delta Variant?

Delta variant is a mutated (evolved) variant of the original Novel Cornavirus.

As World Health Organization (WHO) explains on its website, “All viruses – including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 – evolve over time. When a virus replicates or makes copies of itself, it sometimes changes a little bit, which is normal for a virus. These changes are called “mutations”. A virus with one or more new mutations is referred to as a “variant” of the original virus.”

WHO has termed the Delta variant as a “variant of concern” because of its increased transmissibility.

Did Donald Trump hold up the sign declaring Delta variant as Fake?

No. The image is altered.

Any such event by the former US President will be widely covered by the media. We checked and found no such reports in recent past.

A Google Reverse Image search helped us track down the original photo. It was from a 2017 event reports of which along with the photos can be seen here and here.

We have compared an event photo with the altered fake image below.

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