Fact Check: Did a woman refuse to sit beside an unvaccinated person on plane?

Quick Take

A video published on social media by multiple users shows a woman arguing with air hostess and refusing to sit beside a man who is not vaccinated. Social media users claim that the woman threatened to call police. We fact-checked and found that the entire video is a staged drama using professional actors. We rate the claim as false.

The Claim

The video published by multiple users on Twitter shows the mask-less woman arguing with the air hostess. “I am not sitting here, because it’s not safe,” the woman is seen telling the airlines staff. The video can be seen in the tweet below.

Fact Check

Is the video real?

No. The video is an enactment by professional artists.

A reverse image search of the video screengrab, leads us to a video published by Prince EA, a popular motivational speaker and movie-maker. Prince EA shared the video on his social media page. Though his page puts a disclaimer “For Entertainment Purposes”, this particular post had no disclaimer making people assume that this was a real scenario.

Twitter account HoaxEye which Factchecks viral messages, managed to trace the video back to a short film titled Covid Flight listed on imdb.

The actors in the video were also identified as Diana Winter and Sean Pogmore.

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