Fact Check: Did a US Court rule that KFC is unfit for humans?

Quick Take

Referring to an old legal case involving the food outlet KFC, few social media users claim that the court has ruled that 85% of KFC’s ingredients are unsuitable for human consumption. We fact-checked and found that the claim is false.

The Claim

“Kentucky lost its case July 23, 2021 to the U.S. Federal Court after years of trying to claim it’s 100 % chicken and only 15 % of it was found to be chicken and the rest is 85 % not good for human consumption….,” wrote a number of social media users. Such posts can be seen here, and here.

Fact Check

Did the court say 85% of KFC chickens are not good for human consumption?

No. The court did not say any such thing.

The case referred by the social media users was related to a completely different issue and had nothing to do with the food quality at KFC.

What was the court case about?

The case was related to a dispute between the parent company and one of the franchisee owners of the brand and was filed in 2017 in the city of Chicago. Afzal Lokandola, owner of eight KFC-branded franchisee restaurants in Chicago filed a lawsuit against the parent company after they were stopped from displaying ‘Halal’ symbol in their restaurant.

Lokandola owned eight KFC restaurants used to sell two separate items – halal and regular. Customers could order as per their preference. In 2017, KFC formulated a policy that prohibited their franchisee owners from linking any religious claims to the foods sold.

This led to a dispute between the franchisee and the parent company. In 2018, the court ruled in favor of KFC. However, many social media users misunderstood the intricacies of the case and claimed that the court has ruled about KFC’s food quality.

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