Fact Check: Did a Jordanian scholar discover a cure for AIDS?

Quick Take

A few facebook posts claim that a Jordanian professor named Yazan Muhammad Al-Nouti has discovered a cure for AIDS. We fact checked and found the claim to be Mostly False.

The Claim

The posts read, “We congratulate the son of Jordan, Professor Yazan Mohamed Al-Nauti Al-Rifai from Kafrasum, who works as head of the research department at Omaha Medical University in the United States of America for his great scientific achievement by discovering AIDS treatment for the first time in the history of humanity and patenting him.”

The posts can be seen here, here and here. A snapshot is also given below.

Fact Check

Is there a Professor Yazan Al-Nouti in Omaha Medical University?

No. Professor Yazan Al-Nouti does not work in Omaha Medical University.

However, a Google Reverse Image search helped us locate professor Yazan Al-Nouti as a faculty of University of Nebraska. The University website mentioned him as a Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (and not Head of Research Department, as the Facebook post claims).

Did Professor Al-Nouti find a cure for AIDS?

Professor Yazan Al-Nouti was a part of a team that researched on a new drug for AIDS. This new drug, an injection, is supposed to be better at preventing the transmission of HIV (AIDS) type 1. 

This is not a cure for AIDS. It is a new drug to manage AIDS.

The research report was published in scientific journal Nature Communications. The paper concludes that there are still “limitations in dosing volumes, intervals of administration, and local injection site reactions remain. To overcome these, prodrug nanoformulated were developed and are currently undergoing pre-clinical evaluations.”

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