Fact Check: Circuit diagram of 5G microchip in COVID vaccine leaked?

Quick Take

An online post puts up a circuit diagram claiming it to be that of a 5G microchip. The post further claims that the microchip will be put inside the COVID vaccines. We found that the claim is completely False.

The Claim

An image of a circuit doing rounds on social media claims that it is the image of a 5G chip that is set to be put in a COVID vaccine.

Fact Check

Is this a valid circuit diagram for 5G microchip?

No. This is a circuit diagram electric guitar pedal. Musicians and guitar enthusiasts have identified it as soon as the fake claim came into circulation.

Mario Fusco, a senior software engineer at Redhat, spotted the misinformation at first and put it up on twitter. Soon, Guitar World, a site for guitar enthusiasts debunked the claim.

Will COVID-19 vaccine have a microchip inside it?

No. This is a conspiracy theory floated around by anti-vaxxers (people who oppose vaccines) from the start of the invention of the COVID vaccine. It has been debunked multiple times by Govt. and Health Departments of many countries . You can check it here and here.

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